Commercial Kitchen Equipment

HNH Globa

The major business of the company is manufacturing and Trading of Commercial Kitchen Equipment and rendering allied services connected to the industry like...

1. Kitchen Planning/Layout
Choosing right type of Kitchen Equipment as per covers and menu to be served. Setting up area for receiving, storage, Preparation, cooking and washing. Making a perfect kitchen layout plan for proper working conditions preparing Technical specifications for equipment to be installed.

2. Manufacturing Equipment
Preparing detailed drawings for each equipment to be manufactured. Choosing best quality to be used for manufacturing. Ensuring proper functioning of equipment before delivery.

3. LPG System Designing
Analyzing total amount of gas required for kitchen during peak/normal hours. Preparing layout plan for gas line / gas bank. Calculating gas piping, valves, regulators and other fittings to be used. Ensuring complete safety for L.P. Gas system.

4. Designing for exhaust system and fresh air supply
Measuring C.F.M. required for exhaust system. Preparing layout plan for exhaust system. Sizing exhaust ducting to be used

5. Engineering details for utilities in kitchen like electricity water etc.

6. Prompt after Sales Services
HNH, with having more than 3000 kinds of Industrial Kitchen Equipment products and 5 years of experience
is one of the leader company in their sector in India. Its addressed target markets in its sector are :
Hotel Kitchens, Restaurants, Bakeries, Tourism Sites and Vacation Villages, Pastry Shops, Catering Firms, Bars
Military Kitchens, Open Area Kitchens (Worksites and for military purposes).